Photography & Videography

Fotos y Video 

Full Collection

Platinum: Our #1 Best Seller! If you want the rights to all your images, location flexibility, and premium product such as frames, books, and prints we highly recommend the Platinum Package. Also, this package is recommended if you are looking for almost all-day coverage of 10 - 12 hours or more and overall premium product and premium service perks. Prices range from $2,500 - $3,800.


The gold package implements a little bit of everything, it is recommended if you like frames, books, and prints. Also, if you like extra service perks such as a slideshow and pre-photoshoot session. Prices may range from $1,880 -  $2,000, 7-8 hours

L.A Package

L.A Packages may range from $1,580 and up, it is a customized package based on coverage and product. Recommended for small coverages. 3-5 hours.

Exclusive Collection

The full studio experience, with high videography production and photography experience. All 4k and blue-ray. The exclusive collection starts at $4,880 find out why.